Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 40th Reunion Synopsis
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Mount Vernon High School (VA)
Class of 1960 40th Reunion

The VERY, VERY Latest as of 6/15/2000

You have reached the web site for the Mount Vernon High School Alexandria Virginia Class of 1960 (MVHS1960) . The 40th Reunion Committee (RC) uses this site as it's database of record for all things MVHS1960, and our site is available as a reference to all. Please visit our Home Page and take a site tour.

Currently, we are gearing up for our 40th reunion on Saturday, June 10, 2000 in Alexandria . We will conduct a mid-day (11:00 AM - 3:00 PM) catered picnic at the Ft. Hunt Park covered 'A' Pavilion (rain or shine), from which we will schedule visits to the original MVHS site. That same evening we will have our banquet dinner dance blow out at Radisson Hotel Old Town in Alexandria.


Area 'A' - 155 parking spaces; 3 handicapped accessible spaces


Our reunion is planned as a multi-class affair, 1955 - 1965. Faculty have been invited as our honored guests with the RSVP registration fee waived.

MVHS1960 40th Reunion (multi class, 1955 - 1965), Saturday, June 10, 2000, rain or shine. Mid-day catered picnic at Ft. Hunt Park, evening bash at the Radisson Hotel Old Town in Alexandria. A memorable day complete with Mount Vernon burgers, photos, videos, T-shirts, door prizes, dinner dance, the works. Very probably the only opportunity in our lives to be with so many other classes at the same time; and we are doing it all ourselves on the dirt cheap. Details can be referenced on our web site and in our invitational RSVP packet.

As might be expected, registered (read fully paid) attendance is relatively light for the far outlying classes. MVHS61 plans their own 40th reunion in 2001, so that has cut into our junior class attendance. However, MVHS59 did not hold a 40th reunion, therefore our seniors will be attending in strength to celebrate their 41st reunion with us. RSVP packets were mailed to the Class of 1959 known postals beginning 2/22/2000, and we have begun adding their RSVP's to our official list of attendees starting mid March.

Our reunion will use the Area 'A' Facility
- Covered pavilion, rain or shine
-155 parking spaces; 3 handicapped accessible spaces
Details on our 'Map' web site page.

I have been asked by the 40th Reunion Committee to announce that, "We will follow suit as our last reunion and let it be dressy banquet night. Suit and tie is great for the men and fancy dress for the ladies. We will be in dress down for the picnic and Saturday night should be dressy time."

We will have one hospitality suite open Friday, June 9th; and two open (#1123/1124) Saturday, June 10th to visit in a more casual manner.

Picnic -
While Ft. Hunt Park is "open" from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, picnicking can only occur from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Our caterer, Memphis Barbecue, plans to set up starting at 10:00 AM, and be ready to serve from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This timing should give us plenty of time to get ready for the banquet.

Site visit -
The site visit to MVHS has unfortunately been canceled due to a complete lack of flexibility on the part of the present lessors. We apologize for this disappointment, which came as a surprise to us very late in our planning.

Banquet -
Reception, Happy Hour, Cash Bar, socializing, whatever you want to call it - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Dinner - 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Dancing - 9:30 PM to Midnight

The menu will be House Salad w/tear drop tomatoes & cucumber w/balasamic vinaigrette dressing, duet of herb marinated sliced roast sirloin of beef and seared salmon filet accented by stone ground mustard cream, seasoned couscous, seasonal vegetables, and velvet chocolate raspberry mousse gateau for dessert (this is their specialty dessert.

Veggies and domestic cheese trays for reception. Radisson will set up a wine cart and cost chart for ordering wine w/dinner.

Chef Leffler informs us that the sliced roast beef is specially prepared with fresh herbs, marinated overnight, roasted and the slice looks more like a filet mignon portion. The ground mustard cream compliments both beef and salmon.

With so many people to track, and with not a whole lot of time left to act, it is inevitable that various transcription errors occur. Please take the time to review the information we have for you on our web site. You want your registration check to be honored and your name tag to be correct, don't you?

Pay particular attention to the spellings of your name and that of any guests, including your relationship to them; we may have entered either one improperly.

You can double check your data on the Attendance as well as the '19nn Track' pages, below. And yes, we need to know about inaccuracies ASAP!

Time is so tight we can no longer rely on postal mail to reliably accomplish last minute items. For ANY changes, please call us directly at the numbers below, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Registration cannot be considered completed until paid for.

Radisson held 30 reduced rate rooms blocked off for MVHS1960 which they guaranteed to hold for us only until May 1; 19 were taken by then. Identify this event when you call 1-703-683-6000; they probably still have room, and MAY, although they didn't promise this, only charge the original reduced rate.

While you will use your car to tool around the old neighborhood, please consider car pooling to the Ft. Hunt Park picnic grounds. The parking facility there can accommodate 150 cars, maximum. (We will have a fleet of yellow submarines school buses ferry us to and fro the MVHS grounds!).

The GOOD -
Attendance has picked up since the first of January and is building. Our current fully paid registration includes:
MVHS56 - 1 Alumni accompanied by 0 guests = 1
MVHS57 - 1 Alumni accompanied by 1 guests = 2
MVHS58 - 5 Alumni accompanied by 0 guests = 5
MVHS59 - 19 Alumni accompanied by 6 guests = 24
MVHS1960 - 63 Alumni accompanied by 37 guests = 100
MVHS1960 - 5 Faculty accompanied by 1 guest = 6
MVHS61 - 16 Alumni accompanied by 5 guests = 21
MVHS62 - 2 Alumni accompanied by 0 guests = 2
TOTAL - 107 Alumni, 5 Faculty, accompanied by 50 guests = 162

The BAD -
We are still unable to locate 61 of our MVHS1960 classmates, including many you would not have expected to 'disappear'. Please look over our list of Missing and help us if you can. The 40th Reunion Committee considers this to be the single highest priority item on our planning agenda.

The UGLY -
62 MVHS1960 Alumni that we managed to locate will not attend. Many demurred way last century and we hope many will change their minds and relent before it is too late. Maybe you would like to give your friends a call and jawbone them a little??? Please visit our Attendance page for the latest details.

We have located as many 1955 - 1965 alumni as we are able, and continue to add to our listings. All those for whom we have a valid postal address have been invited. Attendees cannot be invited in any manner except via the MVHS1960 40th Reunion Committee's official RSVP postal packet. No postal address, no official invitation, no exceptions. We do this because we need the paperwork to control the process.

So, just contact us.

If you previously received an invitation, misplaced it, but still want to attend, contact me, the Site Guy ; I'll send you another.

If you want to attend, believe you should have received an invitation, but have not, you won't until we get your postal location. Email and / or tel# just isn't good enough. Give me a postal clue ASAP.

Call us and send more $; we are wide open.

Much more information is available at our site than we can cover here. For a more detailed orientation, we recommend that you tour our site, especially the General Info and General Plan pages.

It would help us greatly if you would provide us with an email address (it doesn't have to be your own), so you can be included in our electronic loop and receive our monthly newsletter plus other reunion updates. If your contact data changes, please let us know.

Please contact our gal on the ground in Alexandria, Judith A. Maddox at 1-703-567-2425; or the mad site guy, Darryl W. Dockins at 1-308-762-8908; or anyone on our 40th Reunion Committee ; or again, take a site tour.

For the 40th Reunion Committee,
Darryl W. Dockins 501 Yellowstone Ave Alliance NE 69301-3433 1-308-762-8908
Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 40th Reunion Synopsis
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