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Links to our sister classes provided as a courtesy, using information from other independent sources.
They can decay through time so we update as we get wind of changes.
Greater detail is available from the 'Reunion' page from our Site Index,
or you can visit MVGrads Alumni [and Faculty] Registry [VA], an allied site.
Links to other MVHS (VA) classmate web sites
These are [other] (known) web sites established and / or operated by MVHS Alumni and / or Faculty
| Nathalie Evelyn MEYER (DUPREE) 1957 |
| Harry Alan 'Al' STEVENS 1958 |
| Ernest Franklin 'Ernie' JONES 1960 |
Clarence Wesley KITCHENS 1961 | Betsy MYATT 1961 (m. Joseph Wayne KELLUM 1961) |
| Hayes HOFLER 1964 |

Links to other MVHS (VA) class reunion web SITES
The classes below have established a web site presence. Most are historical, but some promote reunions in planning.
Email contact(s) for these classes may be obtained at the sites
Class of 1977 | Class of 1978 | | Class of 1992 | Class of 1998 |
Links to other MVHS (VA) classes (actively involved in reunion planning)
The classes below may or may not have yet established a web site presence, but do have email contact(s)
| Class of 1959; 1959 (Alt) |
| Class of 1979 |
| Class of 1985 |
Other MVHS (VA) class reunions with NO links (yet)
The classes below are involved in reunion planning but have not yet established a web site presence or email contact(s)
[This probably an idiot section - any class activity would probably have at least an initial email contact,
but we will leave it here in case it might have some future use.]
| Class of ???? |
Links to other MVHS (VA) sites
These are allied but separate MVHS (VA) oriented web sites, each with their own unique focus
MVGrads Alumni [and Faculty] Registry [VA]
Mount Vernon High School [VA - FCPS]
Links to other more general Internet reunion-oriented sites
The purpose of registering here also might be to leave so many footprints all over the web
that our lost classmates also visiting these sites might stumble across us.
This has in fact already happened, and we have picked up several 'lost' classmates this way.
[*** NOTE *** We are NOT endorsing the sites below, merely offering them as options.]
| Classmates |
Links to Internet search engines that help locate people
All of the big name search sites - Alta Vista, Excite, Google, Switchboard, WhoWhere?, Yahoo,
there are dozens of them - will also do individual person searches for you.
| Ultimate White Pages | Ultimate E-mail | Reverse Telephone Search | Zabasearch |
Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 Links
An important and useful FREE site we recommend to check information / reunions for ALL MVHSnnnn classes is
the MVGrads Alumni Registry [VA].
This separate but allied site is the only site devoted exclusively to the alumni and faculty of Mount Vernon High School [VA] ,
from its first graduating class (Class of 1940) [1939-1940 school year] through the present.
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