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The Mount Vernon High School motto
"Esse non-vederi" - "To be, not to seem"
Alma Mater
"Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon, we sing to thee,
Your spirit and honor, humble and free.
Our praise to thee we sing: Your bells of truth shall ring.
Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon, praises to thee we sing."

School colors [and this site's colors] - Maroon and Gray
Sports teams - The Majors
Sports mascot - Major Movern
FLASH - MVHS Annual All Alumni Classes Picnic for 2018
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - order by 08/30/2018
Ft. Hunt Park Area A, 11:30 AM

Immediate Contact - Barbara Pegelow MacDONALD BEFORE SEPTEMBER

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Various classes are getting underway for their reunions.
[ 1967 tentative for September, 2017 - details at 11 ]
If thou art interested, it would behooveth thou to rechecketh thy contact data on www.classmates.com, www.MVGrads.com or THIS web site
in the appropriate '19nn Track' page [right side site index] so that you may receiveth info blurbs and invitations.
Additional details will be included on this site AS WE ARE ADVISED... so... ADVISE US. Stay tuned!

FLASH - Dedication Ceremony

Subject: Mr. LANDES Plaque

We were informed after the fact of this ceremony. Documents provided to us read as follows:

Dedication Cermony to Mount Vernon High School

by Class of 1967 of

Bronze Plaque of Mr. Melvin B. Landes,

(Principal of MVHS 1945 - 1972)


Painting of Original MVHS by Mrs. Jane Barnes

16 September 2017 [to be added later]

Mr. Landes was the Principal and guiding educational leader of Mount Vernon High School from September of 1945 to June of 1972.
His commitment to excellence inspired students, teachers, and parents to continually do their best work.

Mr. Landes' impact on those who passed through the doors of MVHS is embodied in a line from one of his many writings,
"Sail with courage upon the troubled sea".

FLASH - Mount Vernon Site
Subject: Mount Vernon high School Site

We were informed in 2016 [sorry! so late] that the physical school site is under review by the Fairfax County.
The site had been leased to the Saudi Academy from 1985 - 2016 and has now returned to county control.

The 44 acre site is in a prime location along Route 1 and suggestions are solicited for its use.
Those wishing to view the process are invited to view the following URL:


FLASH - Mike SKINNER has passed 10/17/2016
Subject: Coach Mike

We have just been informed that Michael SKINNER passed away last night Monday, October 17, 2016.
Miike had recently celebrated his 91st birthday and had been under hospice care.

His family informs us that there will be a memorial service for Mike on Saturday, October 29th at 10:30 AM
at the 'Mike Skinner Field House' [gymnasium] at the 'new' Mount Vernon site.

Mike had served Mount Vernon since 1955 as a teacher, coach and Assistant Principal.
His passing marks the longest continuous link between faculty and students.

Fresh details will be published here as we are informed.

Update 10/24/2016 - We are informed that there are 3 groups that you may contribute to in Mike's name:
1. Mount Vernon Athletic Department - 8515 Old Mount Vernon Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22309
2. Washington Farm United Methodist Church - 3921 Old Mill Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22309: 703-780-4696
3. Shepherd University - 301 North King Street, Shepherdstown, West Virginia 25443; POB 5000, Shepherdstown, West Virginia 25443: 304-876-5000
FLASH - Dedication Ceremony!!!
Subject: Memorial Plaque at MVHS on 10/22/2016

We have just been informed that our long-awaited memorial plaque honoring Mount Vernon High School
will be set in place at the front of our original building on Richmond Highway on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 11:00 AM.

Following the dedication ceremony, refreshments will be served in our school auditorium.

Portions of our school will be open for viewing and our gym facilities can now be used by locals.

There will be ample parking available for all those wishing to attend. All are welcome to attend.

The lease that the Saudis had on our high school building expired 10/01/2016;
the Saudis have vacated and our building has been returned back to Fairfax County authority.

PLEASE! do consider attending this event and reliving memories with your friends, old and new.

If those attending who take photos during the event would consider sending them to the Site Guy here
as email attachments, I will post a limited number of the best of them on this site.

FLASH - Get Your Copy Now!!!
Subject: Long Awaited Alumni Book Now Available

Frederick L. WEDEL, Jr., MVHS Class of 1960 graduate, has published his book "Daddy, I Wanna Play Golf".
While Fred's book is primarily intended as a memoir for his son, it also reviews Fred's adventures in life.
There are reminiscences about about MVHS as well as a classmate mention!
The book can be ordered from Amazon's book department in hardcover, softcover or Kindle form.
Just seach for 'Frederick L. Wedel" at Amazon and it will pop up!
The Amazon Kindle version is about $4.00.
Get your copy and discover which MVite made the cut!

FLASH - Reunion planned
Subject: Class of 1961 Reunion

Attention: MVHS Class of 1961.
If interested in attending a 55-year reunion in late October, 2016
in the Outer Banks barrier islands of North Carolina, please call
Lester LAM, 757-319-2026.
Lester is not a computer person so he has no emai!
Lester's home is listed on the Outer Banks / Resort Realty website and
features wild horses, a nearby lighthouse, old time village, museum.
It will be the best weather for the beach with less crowds.
Lots of stuff to do (or not to)!

FLASH - Remember?

A new page has been added to this web site as of 06/10/2015.
Named 'Remember?', it is meant to contain YOUR PUBLIC submitted stories about the good old days at MVHS.
Friends around your neighborhood, sports, teachers, class trips, escapades,
activities 'naughty' then but ho-hum now (but keep it clean), lost romances, whatever.
Just write your story up in an MS Word file and attach it to an email to the Site Guy.
The Site Guy kick-started things off with a short story of his own.
Titled "Nightmare Exam", please don't leave it there all alone!
Check it out from the left-side Site Index border.
Perhaps those involved with the "Great Volkswagon Caper" will tell their side of it!

The following 'flashes' are a summary of what we know about current MVHS activities -
anniversaries, reunions, projects (long and short term), whatever...


The issue of MV memorabilia has recently emerged.
Many of us have lots of valuable and / or interesting items that may someday become
permanently (read forever) lost if preparations for them are not made beforehand.
The problem arises mainly when surviving heirs run across what to their parents were precious mementos,
but which is to their heirs is just more 'stuff' to dump!

The 'main' branch of the Fairfax County library system can accommodate us.
They are pleased to accept donations from all Fairfax County schools, whatever year.
If you have Surveyor yearbooks, official Commencement Programs / Commencement Lists, Baccalaureate Programs,
LWTs (Last Will and Testament), newspapers, prom tickets, reunion photos / booklets,
sports jackets / sweaters, letters, mimeographed tests!, yada yada,
just package it all up securely and send it off to:

City of Fairfax Regional Library - Virginia Room
10360 North Street
Fairfax Virginia 22030

Chris can be reached at 703-293-6227, option 6 if you want to discuss your donation prior to shipment.
There is also a special gift form Chris can email attach to use for tax and / legal / simple documentation purposes.

-btw, this effort was inspired by the daughter of a recently deceased MV-ite who ran across her mom's collection of
MVHS memorabilia after her mom's passing. In her words, her mom kept 'the whole nine yards', and she was loathe to just toss it all.

As the Site Guy, I have been embarrassingly behind the curve concerning this entire issue. I apologize.
This 'flash' will hopefully reach enough of us that our physical mementos can be preserved indefinitely. Please don't delay!

The Library has long-term plans to copy and place materials on-line, but no activity dates have been set yet.


There is a group of MV-ites who meet every month for lunch at a restaurant on Route 1 (near 'Snake' hill).
They meet the first Wednesday of every month (except September) at The Green Olive Buffet,
located at 7405 Richmond Highway, (Route 1), Alexandria, at 11:30 AM. Come one, come all.


Fairfax County operates an on-going program whereby it erects 10 historical signs throughout the county every year.
Plans are to have the county erect an historical interpretive sign at the site of OUR MVHS (1940-1973), NOT the 'new' school.
This process is expected to take two or three years.
How would YOU like the text of the sign to read? Suggestions are appreciated!
Possibles - sports championships, distinguished graduates and faculty, Mr. LANDES,
desegregation in 1964, from rural to suburbia in 33 years, the Site Guy's alma mater, yada yada?
The Franconia Museum is sponsoring for the historical sign at our original school building on Richmond Highway.
Carl SELL (Class of 1954) is the president of the musum at can be contacted at -
6121 Franconia Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22301; franconiamuseum@yahoo.com or http://franconiamuseum.org
John BRIAR (Class of 1961) 703-339-5887 [no email!] has volunteered to receive your inquiries and suggestions.

UPDATE 06/14/2015 - Fairfax County requires a $2,200 input from a proponent party [MV-ites like us!... through Carl]
Project sources inform us that $1,950 has been already donated and the goal is just $250 short of completion.
If just a few of us send a modest donation, the project can get underway immediately.

UPDATE 07/21/2016 - The wall has been paid for and is scheduled to be erected
at the original MVHS site sometime in the late summer or early fall.
THANKS to all who gave so generously to this project.


At the present MVHS location, the Athletic Boosters are in the early stages of fundraising
for a "MAJORS PRIDE WALL" at the football stadium. A 'BUY-A-BRICK' program for the stadium gatehouse is on-going.
You may go online at http://www.fundraisingbrick.com/online-orders; select the "Mount Vernon High School" link.
This process is expected to take two to five years.
The Class of 1961 has already purchased a brick for the late Ted DORAN. More bricks to follow!
For further info, contact Mike GAILLIOT, 571-485-0070, 4511 Millburn Court, Alexandria, Virginia 22309.


Various classes are getting underway for their reunions.
If thou art interested, it would behooveth thou to rechecketh thy contact data on THIS web site
in the appropriate '19nn Track' page [right side site index] so that you may receiveth info blurbs and invitations.
Additional details will be included on this site AS WE ARE ADVISED... so... ADVISE US. Stay tuned!


We 'recently' (06/12/2011) email requested donations toward maintaining this web site.
[These 'All-MV'-oriented general site donations are kept completely isolated from funds collected pursuant to any specific reunion.]
A solicitation was sent out to all 600 or so emails we had on hand at that time.
We were hoping for another year's worth of support and were blown away by your response.
While donations have continued to trickle in, we can safely count on not having to worry about it for several more years, PLURAL!
Thanks and a hat tip to so many of you who answered the call - very gratifying.
A list of those who have donated to our web site can be found on our 'Contributors' page. [We track but do not publish amounts.]

Many of you have expressed concern about funding for our site. For purposes of transparency, here are the actual figures to date;
Funds contributed from 05/01/2009 to 06/25/2016 - $1,908.00
Costs incurred 10/21/2008 to 06/25/2016 - $1,162.69
Funds carried in web site account as of 06/25/2016 - $745.31
Cost of web site per year - $131.28
Years remaining - 5.68
Translation - At current web site rates [Yahoo], we are good through 2021, but I'll be back hat in hand again in June, 2022! THANKS TO ALL!!!


You may remember that due to the post-WWII 'baby boom' phenomenon,
many of our MVHS schoolmates were tranferred to the newly constructed Groveton High School in September, 1956.
This administrative action severely disrupted the social relationships of hundreds of our schoolmates.
A MVHS>GHS schoolmate recently described it this way...

"When we were all sent up the road to Groveton in 1956, it was just an amazing break that, like a lot of other things, we never questioned.
Suddenly, people we had gone to school with for three years, including all the seniors in the class ahead of us, were more or less wiped off our social map.
For those of us who had been active in multi-class activities such as band, debate and sports teams,
it was a kind of crazy bureaucratically engineered amnesia and we lost contact with friends. We also lost contact with trusted and valued teachers.
Now that our numbers are diminishing, this may be a last chance to reconnect and as I said I think this is a good thing."

and further,

"... we were just shipped up the road without any discussion or counseling and we were supposed to get on with it and forget.
We have never once talked about this. We missed valued teachers. (I made a trip back to Mount Vernon to ask what to read in junior US history).
Very few of the Mount Vernon teachers came with us. And it was hard to get together with our friends who lived past Morningside.
All the seniors disappeared which was hard for people in vertical cohorts such as teams and in my case, debate."

We could not agree more. We are in the process of adding those we can locate to our web site '19nn Track' pages.
You can recognize them by the addition of the 'LE/56>GHS' tag following their name entry.
We hope that those schoolmates who shared grades (and teachers) for years at both Groveton Elementary,
as well as Mount Vernon High School, but were then separated, can re-connect with other.

NOTE - THis project has stalled due a lack of feedback from more than a handfull; help us out here, will you? Thanks.
Quick-link to 1961 50th luncheon photos - C. W. DEAN photographer web site
This is what time it is right now for me...

Please don't call my telephone from 10:00:00 PM to 10:00:00 AM Eastern time! - Thank You, the Site Guy

...btw, which of you are going to bird dog 1960's next reunion???... I am permanently exhausted!
real quick - lastly, please click "The Lakes" (right-hand Site Index) for absotutely, posilively tanfastic photos of my apartment complex...

This site is under chronic reconstruction, being converted from it's original,
"We are planning our 40th in 2000" tenor; then, "We had our 40th in 2000, AND we had our 50th! in 2010" tenor
- now we are including reunion photos and such and getting back into informational mode.
If you previously established bookmarks for the now obsolete 2000 site, they will not function as of 10/18/2008.
However, the address of this home page (www.mvhs-1960.com) is now stable, so you may safely add this bookmark.

Since this web site was resurrected using the code for the year 2000 40th reunion web site,
for now the pages indicated in the Site Index frames may present a mix of 40th / 50th reunion data.
'40th REUNION' selections are totally historical and have been included here as reference sources;
'50th REUNION' selections are cleaned up or new pages, but are being migrated to 'historical' status.
Please forgive the rough 'row and column' look and feel of this site;
since our FIRST PRIORITY is classmate location, pretty bell and whistle eye candy will have to wait!

If you are an alumnus and have not already done so,
please check your entry on your appropriate graduating year '19nn Track' page from the Site Index.
If your entry does NOT contain a pro-active recent (2008 - 2010) re-verification note,
*DO* email the Site Guy ASAP to confirm or correct.
Help us get this contact mess straightened out. We are begging.
EVEN IF your data is correct, if it does NOT have a RECENT CORROBORATION date (post-2007), we don't KNOW that!
If we holler, we need to hear *ALL* of the echoes come back in order to be sure!
Otherwise, exasperated classmate researchers will continue to spend pointless time looking for you!

An important and useful FREE site we recommend to check information / reunions
for ALL MVHSnnnn classes is the MVGrads Alumni Registry[VA].
This separatebut allied site is the only site devoted exclusively
to the alumni and faculty of Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 ,
from its first graduating class (Class of 1940) [1939-1940 school year] through the present.
Legal Gibberish (with translations)
This site was re-created from the ashes of the Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 2000 40th Reunion web site.
It was placed in operation 10/18/2008 on an 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' basis
and is maintained as a labor of friendship by the Site Guy, MVHS1960 (VA) alumnus.
We do not accept advertising and everything here is available without charge.
Translation: You are welcome to 'borrow' from this site, including source code, and use it as your own.

All photos have been voluntarily contributed. All other data about people is of a vital statistic nature.
Location data is displayed unless individual permission is specifically denied (refer to the 'DW' code on the '19nn Track' pages).

Notwithstanding the public domain status of our contact data, if you do not want it here, we will make it disappear!
We do the best we can to keep track of and respect the wants of over 4000 MV-ites, but myzzsteayckes are sometimes made.

Translation: Play nice, please don't sue us; phone / email / smail us - WHATEVER it is, we will fix it ASAP.

This site is not interactive. If you need information altered here, please email the Site Guy.
Please do NOT confuse us with the MVGrads Alumni Registry [VA], an allied but SEPARATE site.

The 3 (three) MVHS oriented web sites;
1. Fairfax County Public Schools ( MVHS (VA) ),
2. MVGrads Alumni Registry [VA] ( MVGrads Alumni Registry ),
3. [and this site],
are independently run and although their subject matter necessarily overlaps in various areas,
have no official association with one another.

BOOKMARK this site and check back for information about the Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960
Have ??? Have info? Need info? Comments? Email the Site Guy,
or, IF this button says 'ONLINE', Yahoo Button Click and chat directly RIGHT NOW!

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