Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 Glitches
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"Little things, That I see, Make me know, You're upset with me"
As we progress toward our 50th reunion,
nagging little problems have popped up, mostly due to the lack of foresight of the Site Guy.

We'd like to address various glitches, all somewhat inter-related with the site, the RSVP process,
the RSVP forms, our projected alumni booklet and various other items that fall into the cracks.
Let's start with the RSVP form itself and move outward from there.

Note - we send 'progress' emails out from time to time to keep MV-ites up to date.
If you did not receive the 09/12/2009 group email blast, then we don't have your email.
Please advise the Site Guy so you can remain in our contact loop. Thank you.

1a. The 'ATTENDANCE' section near the center of the front page of the RSVP Registration form can be confusing.
The selections there should have been delineated with '- OR -' between each line to distinguish the choices.
Also, many are not filling in the last line calling for guest name and relationship; it gets lost in the clutter of the section.
In those cases where a Registration form is returned and a guest is indicated with no data,
the default is that your spouse was intended and it is displayed that way on the 'Attendance50' page.
If this is not correct for your entry, please advise the Site Guy who will correct the error ASAP.
The form has been revised but you may still receive the first version in your RSVP (we're using up the originals!).

1b. We forgot that some RSVPs go to dual-MVHS households (classmates who married each other).
In some cases, that means only one copy of the Biographical Questionaire was mailed.
If this is true in your case, you can print off additional copies from our 'Forms' page.
(Note: Although all of our forms can be printed from our 'Forms' page, they can't be used to self-invite yourself.
The RC50 must maintain control of this process with a specific mailing to your address - Thanks!)

2. Basic meal preference selections are being skipped.
This selection is on the 'BANQUET' line near the bottom of the RSVP Registration form front page.
In those cases where a Registration form is returned and no selection has been made,
the defaults are; you are having steak... your guest is having salmon!
Sheraton requires us to have a resonably close count near banquet time so they can properly prepare.
We have placed your meal code choice(s) by each entry as a reminder; example: [Stk-1, Sal-1].
Yes, it's tacky, but we couldn't figure an easier public method, and it works.
If this is not correct for your entry, please advise the Site Guy who will correct the error ASAP.
You can change your preferences up to 1 month before reunion by emailing the Site Guy,
but please don't all swamp him at the last minute.

3. The Biographical Questionaire is not being returned (or returned completely blank!).
It was always our intention to spruce up our re-created web site with as much current contact data as possible,
both as a tool to enable classmates / schoolmates to find and communicate with one another,
as well as to produce a page in our projected keepsake 50th reunion alumni booklet
for ALL known classmates who 'tracked' with 1960, not just those who attend the 50th.
In the rush of the process, this intention was never made clear - our apologies.
PLEASE!!! RETURN YOUR BIO or we have nothing for you in the booklet except a name mention!
If you 'blew' your copy and need us to send another, we will do so; email the Site Guy.
Alternatively (recommended to save us postage),
you can pull off a copy from the 'Forms' page, print it, complete and mail it in.

4. Some forms are so 'deep' that they have been clipped at the top or bottom.
The worst offender we have noticed so far is at the bottom of the 2nd page of the Biographical Questionaire.
The full text of the 'public domain' caveat should read as follows;

"[ All data is considered public domain and MAY appear on your page entry in the Alumni Booklet.
If you don't want information to appear there, please don't include it on this form. ]"

5. Due to a print cartridge runout, about two dozen of the invitation pages contain a green-tinted MVHS logo.
Most have checked their '19nn Track' year page to see if their contact data is current.
Many, seeing it is still correct (from a database compiled 10 years ago for our 40th),
and confident that we know where thet are, sit back, relax and wait for their RSVP to arrive.
THIS JUST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH!!! for a reunion committee trying not to waste postage.
It is because those addresses are a decade old that creates our confusion at this end.
In order to mail RSVP to a real address, we need recent corroboration that your information is still current.
Our only concrete source for this verification is YOU!
Here is what you MUST do to receive your RSVP.
1. Check your individual entry within your graduating '19nn Track' page.
2. Check whether we have placed a recent (2008-2010) verification note there.
(Also, if your postal is not displayed in bold, that is a 2nd indicator that we are not sure of it).
3. If it is unverified, email the Site Guy immediately with corrections or verification.
We will get an RSVP out ASAP.
4. The RC50 uses these pages as its public database of record,
marks them up on a daily basis as new information arrives and refers to it for all things.
When we see no current note, we must consider you still 'missing' and hold back your invitation.

7. Whatever - there's bound to be another one here shortly!
We have been moderately successful in locating (or in some cases re-locating) our friends.
The effort here is enormous. PLEASE! help us by KEEPING US INFORMED of your contact vitals.
We cannot do this just by ourselves; we NEED your continuing help.

If you've gotten this far, ALL MV-ites NEED minimally to perform the following actions -

1. Click on your appropritate class range in the Site Index and check the entry we have for you on our '19nn Track' pages.
A. If it isn't there, or is there but needs correcting, tell the Site Guy about it.

We NEED proactive responses from EVERYONE in order to KNOW that our decade old information remains valid.

Since these files are being used as our public database of record,
the postal addresses here will be used when official RSVP reunion invitations are mailed.
You DO want to receive one, don't you??? IF WE HOLLER, WE NEED TO HEAR ALL THE ECHOS!

* PLEASE * don't leave this site without at least insuring that your personal entry is COMPLETELY correct! - Thank You.

2. If you have an ID with Classmates, or have registered with MVGrads,
correct there also; we know there are many outdated emails on those allied sites as well.
There are other reunion oriented sites you may be signed up with -
why sign up and obtain an ID at these sites, then go invisible?

Updating all of your contact data on other sites can help our 'lost' ones find us here!

Keeping data up current for several hundred classmates can sometimes result in some rather terrific boo-boos,
so we encourage ALL who visit here to check their data entries in their appropriate year range under our Site Index.
If it ain't so, * PLEASE * say so (preferably by email) and we will fix it ASAP! - THANKS!

MVHS1960 (VA) Glitches
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the MVGrads Alumni Registry [VA].
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from its first graduating class (Class of 1940) [1939-1940 school year] through the present.

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