Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 40th Reunion General Plan
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The general plan for our Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 40th year 2000 reunion
[1. Plan the reunion 2. Pay for the reunion 3. Attend the reunion 4. Go home]

The general plan is under way. PLEASE contribute your ideas / changes / whatever to the group. I will post when I receive. You can use the 'Guest Book').

1. We have our web site up and functioning and it will serve as our database of record and as a central registry of ongoing activity.

2. The 40th Reunion Committee is forming as I write (a very loose body of known 1985 activists, plus those who have recently volunteered).

3. The search for our Missing continues unabated by our committee volunteers (see 40th Reunion Committee responsibilities), but all classmates should be involved in this effort. The results of this effort are consolidated on our '19nn Track' pages from the Site Index.

4. We have completed a mass invitational mailing, requesting RSVP and funding, to as many 1960 classmates and faculty as we have found so far, about 151. This mailing contained an invitation, a general information sheet, a personal bio sheet, an RSVP sheet and a list of our missing. The RC plans to invite other classes up to the maximum (400) our banquet facility will accommodate, which would expand the mailing (and possible reunion turnout) considerably. We will 'invite outward' to the 5 years before and after us (1959/1961, 1958/1962, 1957/1963, 1956/1964 and 1955/1965) until we hit that bogie.

5. The RC decided on a funding amount of $75 [COMPLETED ITEM].

6. We have reserved a block of rooms at a reduced group rate at the Radisson Hotel Old Town (formerly Ramada) in Alexandria. You MUST call to secure and confirm. [COMPLETED ITEM]

7. Possible scenarios -

We have looked at the reunion plans and events for other MVHS classes as a rough guide to what may work.

Some reunionshave spread multiple functions out across an entire weekend, such as a Friday evening cocktail hour, Saturday banquet, Sunday picnic. This approach is more leisurely in a way but doesn't leave those who may be on a tight weekend schedule to do much else, since the entire weekend is scheduled for 'official' reunion activities. We have rejected this scenario.

An alternative, and the one we have opted for, is to aim for a one day combined celebration.

In this scenario, people typically would travel into the area on Friday June 9, 2010; find rental cars / area family or other accommodations (including our own reduced rate reserved rooms at Radisson) that afternoon or evening. Then maybe pal around Alexandria's old town with others they run into at Radisson; get a good night's rest?; show up Saturday at Ft. Hunt Park for an all day picnic outing. At anytime during the picnic,we have been granted permission to drop by the MVHS grounds. Back to the picnic for lunch, activities, visiting, picture taking, whatever until late afternoon. Then 'home' to freshen up and then attend monster multi-class millennium mega-bash dinner dance blowout at Radisson until whenever. This leaves Sunday free for people to visit their old haunts and / or friends on an unstructured basis before heading out of town perhaps Monday.

8. The picnic will be catered. Having people gopher their own stuff ties them up in KP type duties when they want to visit. But there will probably be a need for at least some volunteers to help out with the distribution of memorabilia and other light administrative tasks.

9. The current MVHS site is leased from Fairfax County by the Islamic Saudi Academy, 8333 Richmond HWY Alexandria VA 22309 703-780-0606. We contacted the Academy on 7/19/1999 and spoke to Mr. Michael Kauffman, Business Manager. Ongoing arrangements into 2010 have finalized the following scenario. The Academy is itself graduating one of its classes during midday June 10, so they have asked us to visit either before 10:00 AM or after 3:30 PM. Since many parents will be there across the noon hour for their children's graduation, parking would be a problem. The Academy is willing to provide several of its yellow schoolbuses to ferry us around for a modest fee (less than commercial rates). Once at the site, we have permission to wander around almost at will . [COMPLETED ITEM except for small details]

There will be a question in our RSVP about that, and I will try to extrapolate how many might be interested from the responses.

Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 40th Reunion General Plan
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