Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the Web Site
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1. What is the relationship among this web site (Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 Home Page), the Mount Vernon High School [VA] web site, and the MVGrads Alumni Registry [VA] web site?

2. Why aren't my email, postal address and / or telephone number showing up on any '19nn Track' pages?

3. Where can I leave a message for all my classmates to view?

4. Where are we right now?

5. How can I find out about classmates and reunions in other MVHS classes?

6. How can I get my mug shot(s) on the Photos page

7. How can I make suggestions for any of the the MVHS (VA) oriented web sites?

8. How can I make suggestions for the Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 reunion?

9. What can I do to help?

10. Who is this 'Site Guy' person and where does he get off posting all these rules and regulations? He's borderline insufferable.

11. I know for a fact that the contact data for a classmate listed on a '19nn Track page is correct; so why is that entry still indicated as unfound?

1. Web Site Relationships | TOP | BOTTOM |

Taking these in decreasing relative hierarchical order in terms of their content, the Mount Vernon High School [VA]site (a 'higher' level site) is focused on the current MVHS (VA) at its newer location at 8515 Old Mount Vernon Road. It is the official Fairfax County web site of the existing school and is in effect government approved. Neither the Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 or any other classes (other than by default, the current classes) are specifically represented there.

The MVGrads Alumni Registry [VA] (a 'midlevel' site) is focused on both the alumni and faculty of MVHS [VA] throughout its entire history, from first graduating class in 1940 to the present), and for convenience is organized on a historical class by class basis. It features a wide variety of activities beyond merely registration; you may search for others who have previously registered, participate in monthly surveys, post public information and connect with other reunion pages, including this one. The site has no official connection with the above (or below). The Registry Zookeeper there is an interested private citizen and an MVHS Class of 1983 alumnus.

The Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 site (that is, this, a 'lower' level site) is focused specifically on the Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 only, whether reunion or otherwise oriented, with a nod of welcome to 'sister' classes that might be interested. The site has no official connection with any of the above. The Site Guy here is also an interested private citizen and an Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 alumnus. It is at the same level and similar to other specific class web sites. Please refer to the 'Links' page from the Site Index to view those other class web sites of which we are presently aware.

All three sites are concerned with MVHS (VA), differing mainly in their point of view. All three are independently run, and while some of their content unavoidably overlaps, each provides a view unique to its niche. As a web courtesy, sites usually contains links to the others; by reaching one, you can 'click through' to any of the others. [Caveat: the 'higher' government level site, as you might have guessed, does not concern itself or contain direct links to this 'lower' level class site].

2. Email / Snail mail / Telephone | TOP | BOTTOM |

The classmate / faculty consolidated '19nn Track pages are primarily focused on email addresses, since for time and budget reasons, that is the preferred method of communication. Classmate line entries are color-coded; LAST NAMES of 'founds' are BOLD; emails are blue; founds are green; unfounds are black; deceased and various alerts are red. By clicking on a classmate whose name / email combination is highlighted in blue, you can send an instant message to that email address. The color scheme indicates our research progress and makes problem areas immediately apparent by pinpointing entries that require additional information.

In an effort to reach all classmates and faculty, hundreds of letters have gone out so far to prospective postal addresses; along with numerous messages to known phone numbers and emails. The response to our postal effort has been sketchy; you may have received your contact letter, but if you haven't yet proactively responded in some way, we have no way of knowing you are in the loop, so we still list you as missing and continue to waste time trying to find you by other means. If we holler, we need to hear ALL of the return echos to be sure.

We have added our special secret codes to each line entry as an additional aid to indicate the status of our search effort. These codes are:

The 'SECRET' codes below are informational / locational
and also track the results of our email, telephone, postal and web searches for classmates.

We are especially sensitive to the NL code, which indicates we have so little data that our classmate can't be found.
Basically, that means we are CLUELESS as to how to locate them - CAN YOU HELP???

AR/nn=Attended Reunion(s)/[nth], CL/nn=Commencement List entry(s)/[nth year], DE=DEceased, DW=Data Withheld [on request],
IM=In Memoriam page details, LE/nn-LL/nn=Left Early/Late [nth year], LWT/nn=Last Will and Testament entry(s)/[nth year],
NA=Not Attending [50th reunion], NE=No Email [at all], NL=NOT LOCATED, NR=No Response [postal], RTS=Return To Sender [postal],
RP/nn=Reunion class Photo(s)/[nth year] entry(s), WS [w/URL]=Web Site maintained by classmate [also viewable from 'Links' page],
VP=Very Pretty, VU=Very Ugly, YP/nn=Yearbook [individual] Photo exists 'Surveyor' yearbook(s)[nth year],
and finally, RC/nn=Reunion Committee member/[nth]

If you have 'chat' or computer-to-computer voice IDs, such as Yahoo IM or Skype, we can optionally display them on this page.
Contact and / or location data is displayed for all persons unless individual permission is specifically denied (and some are).

PLEASE take a moment NOW and send your vital statistics to your long suffering and infinitely patient Site Guy.

3. Guest Book | TOP | BOTTOM |

Click the 'Guest Book' option in the 'Site Index' and leave a message for all, or for the Site Guy. Extraneous messages are cleared out periodically. You may also peruse our '19nn Track' pages to locate contact information there and correspond directly with other classmates / schoolmates / faculty on an individual basis.

The MVGrads Alumni Registry [VA], also contains a message board on which to leave your public comments. Youcan check out messages from other classes at that web site directly, or perform the same search from from our own Links page.

4. Where are we right now? | TOP | BOTTOM |

We are on schedule to have this site re-worked well enough by early 2009 to help facilitate our 50th reunion celebration on Saturday, June 12, 2010 in Alexandria, Virginia. For our last (40th) reunion, we had a late morning / early afternoon catered picnic under covered Pavilion 'A' in Ft. Hunt park and an evening reception / banquet / dance at the Radisson Hotel Old Town in Alexandria. For our convenience, we also arranged for Radisson to set aside a set of reserved group rate rooms. We will duplicate all that effort in 2010, substituting the Sheraton Suites for our banquet facility.

We also continue to gather up classmate and faculty contact information for those on our Missing page. Hundreds of letters have gone out in an attempt to reestablish contact with classmates and faculty. Can you help us track at least a few Emails/ postal addresses / pnone numbers?

5. Other Classmates / Reunions | TOP | BOTTOM |

While this site does, as a courtesy, list classmates within five years of 1960 who have posted their contact information addresses elsewhere, the MVGrads Alumni Registry [VA] contains the most comprehensive historical repository of alumni and faculty information from all years.

This site does, again as a courtesy, contain a link to each of the other known MVHS class reunion sites. You can check out reunions for other classes at that web site directly, or perform the same search from either our own 'Links' or 'Reunions' pages.

6. Mug Shots | TOP | BOTTOM |

PLEASE feel free to contribute a photo / drawing / whatever of your choice to our Photos page; don't just leave us here all alone.

If you have a photo, you can either mail it to me at:

Darryl W. Dockins - 132 Tortuga Lane, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082-1268

or, if you are able to scan it in to your computer, you can email it to me (as an attachment) at:

Darryl Wayne DOCKINS

I can accept both .gif and .jpg / .jpeg (preferred) file formats.

We always want to start out with the maximum amount of photographic detail, so...,

1. If you smail me a photo, please send me the LARGEST copy that you have. That way, I can scale it down at my end through my scanner and wind up with a small photo file that still preserves the maximum amount of quality detail.

2. If you use a scanner to save your photo to a file to be used as an attachment to an email, for the same reasons, please try to keep the size of the original picture that is scanned as large as possible , and, set the scan resolution for as high a grain as possible. This starts the process out with the maximum amount of quality detail. Try to save the resultant file in a .gif or .jpeg format; it will be a smaller file and will email much faster. Again, I can scale it down at my end. That way I do not have to play size games with the picture and possibly lose clarity. But please, no gigunda PC bit-mapped monstrosities; my Mac system simply can't deal with that weird bloated PC gunk.

I absolively, positutely promise to send your mailed item (post-processing) back to you if you like; or I could just file it away and return it to you at reunion time, your choice.

7. Other Site Suggestions | TOP | BOTTOM |

The Mount Vernon High School [VA] county maintained site contains links to obtain individual records for a very modest fee.

The mid level site (MVGrads Alumni Registry) [VA], and the Registry Zookeeper there welcomes positive input.

8. MVHS Class of 1960 Reunion Suggestions | TOP | BOTTOM |

Since our site changes literally daily because of fast moving events, the Site Guy welcomes ideas, especially those focused at least initially on 1960 classmate / faculty contact information. Email the Site Guy or leave a blurb in the 'Guest Book'.

9. This is how you can help | TOP | BOTTOM |

1. You can provide the Site Guy here with your complete detailed contact information (email / postal / telephone). IMPORTANT! If you not see a recently dated (2008 - 2010) notation as to the status of our corroboration effort, then we still think you are LOST! PLEASE set us straight ASAP.

2. You can encourage other classmates / faculty you are in contact with to both register and leave a public message with the MVGrads Alumni Registry [VA] and / or contact the Registry Zookeeper there with any questions they may have.

3. You can provide any partial scraps of contact information about our as yet unfound classmates / faculty (those listed in black on any of our '19nn Track' pages or specifically enumerated on our 1960 Missing page) to the Site Guy here for further investigation. We have learned that it takes a lot of time (we are not professional researchers) and we need as much data as we can get ASAP.

4. You can think about what you would like to see in a reunion (location, financing, time, events, scheduling... whatever) and inform the Site Guy.

5. You can become an active planning volunteer NOW for our 50th Reunion Committee to help with those activities that are taking shape.

10. Site Guy | TOP | BOTTOM |

Darryl Wayne Dockins, MVHS1960
132 Tortuga Lane, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082-1268 308-760-5071

Yours truly, Darryl Wayne Dockins (a.k.a. Site Guy), is a bona-fide member (but just barely, I was very lucky to get past Big Red and Mrs. Cooley) of the MVHS (VA) graduating Class of 1960. After MVHS, I spent three years in the US Army as a missile electronics technician in Fairbanks, AK after training in Ft. Monmouth, NJ and Ft. Bliss, TX.; discharged 12/63. Worked for United Electrodynamics in Alexandria, VA until 9/64; moved to the Oregon coast and fished (read bummed) for awhile before moving to San Francisco CA in 1965 and worked for both Univac and RCA as a field service representative on their computer equipment. I met my wife Joan in San Francisco and we married in 1969. Moved to Palo Alto to work for SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) as a high current DC power supply technician. We had twin boys in 1970 before we moved back east in 1970 where we had our third son in 1972. Worked for AT&T in White Plains NY mainly as a computer programmer / analyst for over 26 years before retiring w/pension 2/97. Moved to the middle of nowhere Nebraska (Alliance, NE - pop. 9,nnn) then to reside in the family house my mom (d. 2/1990) and grandmom (d. 4/2000 at age 100) had been living in. Sure is great to shed the stress of traffic jams and general crowding, high prices and the incredible noise level of the large suburban areas (I didn't notice how bad it was until I got away from it); and get to really starry skies, neighbors you actually know and get paid for 'relaxing'. Became antsy after a few years; took a position with the local school system as a computer technician, but budget problems associated with a declining student head count put a stop to that job. Since then, have had lesser jobs with a local flower shop; spent some time as a board operator / DJ at a local radio station ("You're listening to KCOW radio in Alliance, Nebraska; 1400 on your AM dial"); and short stint at the local post office. I have at times been volunteered up to my neck with Kiwanis, Head Start and the Carnegie Arts Center. I've recently taught chess classes to 4th - 8th graders at a couple of the local schools. Do occasional tempy stints with USCB (United States Census Bureau).

1 wife, 3 sons, 2 grandsons, 3 cats, 1 scratching post, 1 house, 1 basement, 1 yard, 1 fence, 2 mowers, 1 veggie garden, 1 bug light, 1 garage, 1 1992 Plymouth Sundance, 2 Mac computers (I love my Mac), 200+ classmates.

A small group of us have been conducting voluntary research on the whereabouts of our classmates for well over a year, and have placed this site in operation both to warehouse the resulting information as our database of record as well as to serve as a springboard for our 50th class reunion in 2010. I plan to keep this site in operation clear through any such reunion and beyond, if it serves the purposes of the Class of 1960 . The pages subsumed by this site are arranged in an order that makes sense to me. I add, change or delete page sections and / or whole pages as the inspiration seizes me; but all inspirations are welcome here. I haven't been elected by anyone; I take the point here on a 'sweat equity' basis but I don't really make rules for anyone. I am in charge of this site but I am in no way in charge of a reunion, which is in the hands of our 50th Reunion Committee .

11. Found / Not Found Classmates | TOP | BOTTOM |

We cannot count classmates as found until we receive some kind of proactive response to our letters, Email and / or telephone messages, whether that response comes directly to us from the classmates themselves or roundabout through the knowledge of a knowledgeable third party. Otherwise, we can't determine whether or not we are getting through with our attempts at contact. If we holler, we need to hear an echo back to be sure. Are you certain of any single item of contact information Email, postal address or telephone number) concerning any classmate? PULEEEZE TELL US ABOUT IT so that we can get them into our information loop before it is too late.

You may also scan our Missing page to help us zero in on those [1960 only] we have so far been completely unable to locate.

Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the Web Site
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