Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 - Editor's Notes
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Rants and outbursts from the Site Guy for the MVHS (VA) Class of 1960 website
Progress Notes
10/17/2008 - Contracted with Yahoo web hosting for 3 month trial to house new site.
10/18/2008 - Created Seeded with 40th reunion HTML code from year-2000 backup.
10/19/2008 - Began email cleanup (A-Z email bounce fixes) prior to public announcement. Completed 10/31/2008.
11/01/2008 - Began Phase 1 A-Z telephone survey using archival data collected in 2000. Completed 11/19/2008.
11/19/2008 - Began Phase 2 A-Z telephone survey for the problems remaining from Phase 1. In process
11/29/2008 - Began Phase 1 (1960 classmates) 'Surveyor' photo scan project with recently purchased scanning software. Completed 11/30/2008.
11/30/2008 - Began Phase 2 (1960 faculty) 'Surveyor' photo scan project. Completed 12/08/2008.
12/08/2008 - Began Phase 3 ('all other!') [tell us what you want to see] 'Surveyor' photo scan project. [See below] In process
12/11/2008 - Finally fed-up with flaky MVGrads site and unanswered emails. Removing references as time permits. In process
01/04/2009 - Added active 'sister class' reunion news to Home page.
03/17/2009 - Added 'Documents' page containing links to contributed CL (Commencement List) and LWT (Last Will and Testament) docs.
03/30/2009 - Split 'Email5559' into 5 separate years due to massive update from FCPS Documents Office plus various class reps.
03/30/2009 - Added right hand 'Site Index B' frame to allow adds and rearrangement of items without compromising main page space.
04/05/2009 - Split 'Email6165' into 5 separate years due to massive update from FCPS Documents Office plus various class reps.
05/01/2009 - Added 'Donation' feature to 'Home' page to request site continuance funds; added 'Contributors' page to honor donors.
05/07/2009 - Inked contract (personal CC) with Sheraton Suites in Old Town Alexandria for 50th reunion banquet Saturday, June 12, 2010.
05/07/2009 - Began adding videos to 'Site Index' options, starting with Mr. LANDES 40th reunion appearance. In process
05/15/2009 - Established non-interest bearing 'MVHS -VA- Class of 1960' checking acct to receive / disburse RC50 finds.
06/02/2009 - Inked contract (check #0001 from RC50 acct) with Robert Cummings Photography for class group photo(s).
06/05/2009 - Group emailed request for address corrections prior to RSVP postal mailing.
06/08/2009 - Inked contract (check #0002 from RC50 acct) with Capital Entertainment and Music for DJ service. Balance due 06/12/2010.
06/08/2009 - Inked contract (check #0003 from RC50 acct) with Clever Catering for Ft. Hunt picnic catering service. Balance due 06/12/2010.
07/06/2009 - Inked contract (check #0004 from RC50 acct) with Aurora Video for video production [picnic and banquet]. Balance due 06/12/2010.
07/07/2009 - Mailed first wave of RSVPs to all RECENTLY VERIFIED postals for Class of 1960 alumni / faculty. First receipts 07/16/2009.
07/27/2009 - Issued check #0005 ($1,761.73) from RC50 acct to reimburse RC50 for up-front out-of-pocket expenses through 07/01/2009.
08/11/2009 - Added 'Forms' page allowing 'lost' .pdf (registration and biographical feedback forms) to be printed, completed and mailed.
09/19/2009 - Mailed first wave of RSVPs to all RECENTLY VERIFIED postals for sister Classes of 1955-1959, 1961-1965 alumni.
09/19/2009 - Began scanning pages from 'loaner' sister class Surveyors; return at completion. In process-58/59 srs as of 01/01/2010
11/11/2009 - Warned ALL about glacial RSVP response and potential impending cancellation by 12/10/2009; results predictably apathetic / pathetic.
11/25/2009 - Strong on-going sister class RSVP response may result in 1960 late-comers being frozen out of their own reunion... well... I tried.
11/25/2009 - Added all remaining faculty from Surveyor yearbooks on hand: 1956-1961; still need 1955, 1962-1965.
01/07/2010 - Inked contract with Ft. Hunt Park for combined Area(s) C-002 / C003 (Area 'A' rented out from under us) - another FED rip-off.
01/01/2010 - Recap: Visitor Counter-17,700; registrants-72 1960 unresponsive-65. Reunion acct in $12,785 out $2,935.73 total $9,849.27
01/09/2010 - Completed 1960 Individual Photo 'career' scans from 'loaner' Surveyors. THANKS to all contributors for this.
02/17/2010 - Issued check #0006 ($1,000.00) from RC50 acct to reimburse RC50 for up-front out-of-pocket expenses through 02/01/2010.
03/10/2010 - Recap: Visitor Counter-22,334; 1960 registrants-87, unresponsive-36. Reunion acct in $19,114 out $3,935.73 total $15,178.27
03/10/2010 - Completed 1960 alumni booklet pages from bios received to date. Starting on 1959 today.
06/01/2010 - Recap: Visitor Counter-31,722; total registrants-116, unresponsive-76. Reunion acct in $24,708 out $4,571.73 total $20,136.27
01/01/2011 - Recap: Visitor Counter-42,025
03/18/2011 - Added 'Donation' feature to both Site Index frames to request site continuance funds, 'cause funds are running low, folks-please help
04/03/2011 - Recap: Visitor Counter-44,219
04/04/2011 - Reconciled all current contact data with; 'Classmates' site still a zoo.
05/02/2011 - Removed all bio files as well as 'biopages50' from the site index.
05/04/2011 - Replaced all bio files with a 'page blank' notice because of problems with Google's 'Quick View' caching.
06/12/2011 - Sent comprehensive group emails requesting web site support. [Rcvd $1,471 ! WOW ! enough for about a decade at current rates]
06/16/2011 - Removed reminders of 1960 50th luncheon from various pages.
06/19/2011 - Sent comprehensive group emails thanking contributors for web site support.
06/22/2011 - Recap: Visitor Counter-46,746
06/22/2011 - Added link to 1961 50th luncheon photo website on various pages.
06/23/2011 - Began negotiations with Groveton class reps to enter the 1956 FCPS MVHS to GHS school district split info to 'track' pages.
10/08/2012 - Long overdue recap: Visitor Counter-56,456
03/14/2014 - Long overdue recap: Visitor Counter-63,630
07/13/2014 - Sent comprehensive group emails requesting contact information updates: Visitor Counter-64,250
07/14/2014 - Began massive cleanup from email responses; removed obsolete 'Bio' page option from menu display; Visitor Counter-65,751
03/27/2015 - Site suffers from inattention! Mizzspelinks all over! Wll be spruced up by summer, PROMISE! Visitor Counter-68,497
06/10/2015 - Added 'Remember?' page to house classmate recollections; emailed blurb to 1960 only (at first)
06/11/2015 - Cleaned up home page. Visitor Counter-69,423
10/03/2015 - Added 'The Lakes' page to document my personal living conditions. Visitor Counter-71,000

The Cronic Rant

The most hair-tearing frustration we have isn't financing, dealing with vendors,
figuring out site improvements or hassling with this ancient *#?!#*ing HTML code... well... maybe a little.
The ongoing problem is being able to get in contact (and STAY in contact) with classmates / schoolmates!
The effort here is enormous. PLEASE! help us by KEEPING US INFORMED of your contact vitals.
We cannot do this just by ourselves; we NEED your continuing help.

If you've gotten this far, ALL MV-ites NEED minimally to perform the following actions -

1. Click on your appropritate class range in the Site Index and check the entry we have for you on our '19nn Track' pages.
A. If it isn't there, or is there but needs correcting, tell the Site Guy about it.

We NEED proactive responses from EVERYONE in order to KNOW that our decade old information remains valid.

Since these files are being used as our public database of record,
the postal addresses here will be used when official RSVP reunion invitations are mailed.
You DO want to receive one, don't you??? IF WE HOLLER, WE NEED TO HEAR ALL THE ECHOS!

* PLEASE * don't leave this site without at least insuring that your personal entry is COMPLETELY correct! - Thank You.

2. If you have an ID with Classmates, or have registered with MVGrads,
correct there also; we know there are many outdated emails on those allied sites as well.
There are other reunion oriented sites you may be signed up with -
why sign up and obtain an ID at these sites, then go invisible?

Updating all of your contact data on other sites can help our 'lost' ones find us here!

Keeping data current for almost 4,000 schoolmates 1955 - 1965 can sometimes result in some rather terrific boo-boos,
so we encourage ALL who visit here to check their data entries in their appropriate year range under our Site Index.
If it ain't so, * PLEASE * say so (preferably by email) and we will fix it ASAP! - THANKS!


It has been very gently hinted at (in a friendly way, of course) by more than one classmate
that my admitted sledgehammer approach to getting things done NOW!
could be tempered somewhat with a more velvet glove treatment.

Further, and importantly, my obtuse, blind-ass "Let's go big" attitude for our 40th and 50th reunions
was seriously challenged by others with a very definite "Let's go small" alternative.

Their 'critiques' are all thoughtful, heartfelt, honest, justifed, and I hear them.
So... where is this borderline insufferable Site Guy coming from?

First, in terms of the site's look and feel, its content, tone and its unavoidable editorial slant,
it has obviously been constructed by a techie type - me. What were you expecting?
In hassling with the problems associated with this site and its many interlocking pages,
it is often difficult to shift gears from hard headed techie mode to 'pretty pink toes' prose mode.
I am not a prose wizard; this site as you see it is the only way I know how to get this thing done.
My HTML coding skills are minimal (read 'primitive'), at best.
I self-taught myself in 1998 with just enough to 'get by' and developed permanent brain-lock.
I taught myself about 'tables' then: I taught myself about 'frames' this time,
in order to create the look and feel of the 'Site Index' visual display.
I can only dream about the flashing doodads and video wizardry you can find on other,
more professinal web sites - "Just the facts, Ma'am" is about all I am capable of.

The point of this site is to convey information as efficiently as possible.
It was never meant to look like a poetry book, nor do I have the talent for that.
My method is to convey maximum information in a limited space per page.
That often gives various site pages the resultant rather intense 'close' look of a math textbook - sorry!
In anticipation of our planned multi-class, multi-event 50th reunion bash on Saturday, June 12, 2010,
this site presently does have a reunion oriented tone because that is the next 'big thing',
but its long term post-reunion objective will be a more general informational and contact tool.

Classmates voluntarily cooperate with me in keeping this site up to date,
but only because many respect my 'sweat equity'
>[thanks to Alan HARRIS, Class President 1960, for this insight]
right as a self-elected 'Site Guy'.
I see myself only as an information consolidator and the site as a hub, or information conduit.

My take on the 'style' of a reunion?
Every year, we all experience celebrations. Some are more reflective, such as Memorial Day, perhaps Thanksgiving;
others, such as birthdays, Independence Day and New Year's, are a trifle more energetic.
But, they do come 'round and 'round every year; sort of traditional, even ordinary sometimes.
Others come around much less frequently, and because of that, take on a special aura.
Reunions are like eclipses of the sun; they occur less often, so are the more precious an experience for their rarity.
I equate those few in a lifetime reunions much more like New Year's than a more passive celebration.
So, my one vote is to go 'big'. Big means contacting and inviting as many 1960 MV-ites as possible / 'reasonable'.
If the resultant headcount seems unreasonably low, we can expand outward to sister classes, much as we did in 2000 and 2010.
That means a search for sister class classmates is another task for us information gatherers - and right now!
If the reultant headcount seems unreasonably high, well... whaddaya gonna do.. disinvite folks 'cause they're ugly???
Our [1960] class still has 263 putatively living members; (303 'trackers' minus 40 known deceased),
which includes 118 known others (there may be more) on our '1960 track' with us that left early,
plus 12 more who left late for various reasons. Because of the sheer remaining size of our class (263), 'big' is our unavoidable context. I say embrace it, not shun it.

Whatever my personal druthers, I'm just here to serve the pleasure of upper management - the Class of 1960.
I'm willing to listen to all comers and bend over backward to accomodate their reasonable suggestions;
but I reserve that 'sweat equity' right to make the final call on web site content, appearance and tone.

Wanna get your $0.02 in? You can leave notes on our Guestbook feature,
and the beauty of it is, you don't have to identify yourself!
Just pen an anonymous blurb - we're always listening.

Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 - Editor's Notes
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