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Unlike the 40th reunion originals, when these pages were secondary clones of files derived from an official database kept elsewhere,
they are now being used for all further reunions as THE public database of record for our current contact data and general progress,
so that all may see what our contact problems are, with a view to soliciting YOUR help!
Our search progress notes are included with each entry. Entries lacking a 'current' [post-2008] verification date may be decade(s) old,
and while they may still be correct, have not been recontacted and are therefore 'suspect'.

Many alumni were present as juniors or sophomores, even freshmen, in previous 'Surveyor' yearbooks,
but left MVHS early for some reason and were not present to graduate as seniors with their normal class.
We include them here because they were part of a normal '19nn track'. They are identified with an 'LE/nn' code.
For similar reasons, we have identified those who left late with an 'LL/nn' code.

To correspond by email with a person, click below on any underlined blue name / email combination.
Green indicates verified, black indicates unverified, and red indicates some form of alert notation.
If no recent (2008-2010) annotation, although the contact data MAY be correct, it has NOT yet been verified; proceed with caution.

Click just below on the first letter of the person's surname;
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The 'SECRET' codes below are informational / locational
and also track the results of our email, telephone, postal and web searches for classmates.

We are especially sensitive to the NL code, which indicates we have so little data that our classmate can't be found.
Basically, that means we are CLUELESS as to how to locate them - CAN YOU HELP???

AR/nth=Attended Reunion(s)/nth year], CL/nn=Commencement List entry(s)/[19]nn year], DE=DEceased, DW=Data Withheld [on request],
IM=In Memoriam page details, LE/nn-LL/nn=Left Early/Late[19]nn year, LWT/nn=Last Will and Testament entry(s)/[19]nn year],
NA=Not Attending [next reunion], NE=No Email [at all], NL=NOT LOCATED, NR=No Response [postal], RTS=Return To Sender [postal],
RP/nn=Reunion class Photo(s)/[19]nn year] entry(s), WS [w/URL]=Web Site maintained by classmate [also viewable from 'Links' page],
VP=Very Pretty, VU=Very Ugly, YP/nn=Yearbook [individual] Photo exists 'Surveyor' yearbook(s)[19]nn year],
and finally, RC/nth=Reunion Committee member/nth year

If you have 'chat' or computer-to-computer voice IDs, such as Yahoo IM or Skype, we can optionally display them on this page.
Public domain contact and / or location data is displayed for all persons unless individual permission is specifically denied (and some are).

The following 'sister' class list, while meant to be comprehensive, contains only those schoolmates we know about.
**** We have found 75 of 456 putatively living 1964 'trackers' as of the last page update [10 known deceased from a class of 466] ****

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1964 Reconciled with MVGrads as of 07/10/2017: Reconciled with Classmates [124 entries] 03/17/2014

**** Russell Lawrence ABBOTT DE **** - Deceased per email from 1964 classmate 12/08/2010

Paul Kevin ABEL NL - Present on Classmates

Sherry Ann ABLE NL

Mary Keen ADAMS (m. ROBINSON) - Email [only] verified by MVGrads 02/09/2012

Paul L. ADAMS - Present in Classmates

Robert Charles 'Bob' ADAMSNL - Present in Classmates

Janice Lynn ALLEN NL

Jeannette Elizabeth 'Jeannie' ALLEN
Albuquerque, New Mexico 240-460-0946 - Data verified by email from Jeannie 08/19/2013

Sharon Kay ALLEN NL

**** John Gary 'Gary' AMENT DE **** - Deceased per email from 1964 classmate 07/12/2014 Good morning, I'm pasting below the obituary printed for Gary Ament, MVHS class of 1964. Although Gary died in 2006 I only recent discovered this. I'm passing along this information for others that may want to remember this very special person. John Gary Ament, 60, of Sebastian, Fla., died Thursday, November 2, 2006 at Indian River Medical Center, in Vero Beach, Fla. He was born August 13, 1946 in Neptune, New Jersey. Gary grew up in Alexandria, Virginia where he graduated from Mount Vernon High School. He earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Urban Planning from Florida State University. He was a member of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. Gary worked in Planning and Zoning with city and county governments in Ft. Pierce, Florida; Thomasville, Georgia; and Panama City, Florida. He was a member of First United Methodist Church in Ft. Pierce and Thomasville. He is survived by his parents, Vernon and Ruth Ament of Vero Beach, Fla.; daughter, Jennifer Jordan of Thomasville, Ga.; son, Jonathan Ament of Thomasville, Ga.; and grandsons, David Lee and Jacob Jordan, both of Thomasville. A memorial service will be held 10 a.m., Tuesday, November 7, 2006, at Our Savior Lutheran Church, 1850 6th Avenue, Vero Beach, with Pastor "Jack" Diehl, officiating. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society, 3375 20th Street, Suite 100, Vero Beach, Florida, 32960. Arrangements are under the direction of Thomas S. Lowther Funeral Home & Crematory. Thanks very much,

Heather Dale ANDERSON NL

Louis Carrol ANDERSON NL


Susan Clocker 'Suzi' ANDREWS (m. LEDERER)

William Leigh 'Leigh' ANGEL
PO Box 2936, Tappahannock, Virginia 22560-???? 804-445-0381 - Data verified by email from Leigh 06/15/2009

Martha Cleo ANGELO NL

Patricia Ann ANGLESON NL

James Guy ARNOLD III NL - Present in Classmates Chapmanville, West Virginia

Walter D. ASHE Jr. NL - Present in Classmates

Nancy Lynn AYERS NL

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Patricia Ann BAKER NL

Barbara Elizabeth BARAN NL

Michael Douglas BARD NL - Present in Classmates Morrisville, Vermont


Patricia Elizabeth BARRY NL

Ralph BARTON NL - Present in Classmates

James Wiley 'Jim' BATCHELORNL - Email bounced 10/13/2016

Carol Louise BAUMERT NL

Estelle Lucy BEAHM NL

Gale Storm BELL NL

Melinda Sue BENNETT (m. MASTENBROOK) NL Present in Classmates Waxhaw, North Carolina

Sandy Kay BERRY (m. James Jackson 'Jim' URICK '64)
24 Kimmer Court, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406-7242 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] verified by email from Sandy 01/18/2010

Daniel Oliver BETTS NL

Gregory Francis BIRRA NL

Timothy Michael BOEHM - Email [only] 'verified' by email from source 04/16/2009

Linda Jane BOLAM (m. CORCORAN? NL - Present in Classmates

Phylis Ruth BOTCHIN (m. PRIEBE)
1829 Sheringham West Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454-3131 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] verified by email from Phylis 10/04/2009

Hunter Carson BOURNE III NL

3400 Salado Creek Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78217-3355 ???-???-????

Margaret Susan BOWERS NL - Present in Classmates

Helen Patricia BRADFORD NL - Present in Classmates

Jane Amelia BRADLEY NL

Judith BRENNAN - Email [only] 'verified' by email from 1964 schoolmate 03/05/2009

Suzanne Lynn 'Susie' BRIAR - Email [only] verified by MVGrads 01/04/2014
SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 18, 2014 for class reunion. For questions, news, or input re: reunion, please contact me at For personal notes, please use SAVE the DATE: October 18, 2014!!! And, please pass this on to everyone you know in our class!!

Martha Elizabeth BRICK NL

Brabara Jeanne BRINFLEY NL

Stephen Michael BROWN NL

Karl Nelson BRUCE
9691 Sunset Hill Circle, Lone Tree, Colorado 80124-6797 303-741-4136 - Data verified by email from Karl 08/19/2013

Susan Irvin BUCKLEY NL

Joseph Claude BURT NL

Steven Maxwell BURT NL - Present in Classmates Mount Dora, Florida

Josephine 'Josie' Sanders BUSH NL - Present in Classmates

Martha Jean BUSH NL

Barbara Ruth BUTTURFF NL

Lynne Carol BYKERK NL

James Douglas 'Doug' BYRD - Email [only] verified by MVGrads 11/15/2010 Skype ID = Natalia Byrd

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Edward Houston CAMPBELL NL

Patricia Marie CAMPBELL NL

Reid Owen CARLOCK NL - Present in Classmates Tampa, Florida

Robert Crawford 'Rob' CARLSON
6174 Darlcon Place, Alexandria, Virginia 22310-???? ???-???-???? - Email bounced 03/05/2009; Present in Classmates

Cheryl Smith CARR NL


Barbara Lee CASON NL

Paul Edward CAVE NL



Dwight Clifton CHEEK NL

Alice Jeanmarie CHICKANOVICH NL - Present in Classmates Charleston, West Virginia

Rosemary CHOATE NL - Present in Classmates

Marilyn Jo CLARK NL

Ann Catherine CLAXTON NL

Rosalind Ann CLEMENS NL

Roxanna Carlton CLEMENS (m. NICHOLS) NL - Present in Classmates

Carol Elizabeth CLEVELAND (m. FRAZELLE) NL - Present in Classmates

James Staples CLIFFORD NL

Robert Joseph 'Bob' CLINE - Email [only] verified by MVGrads 08/29/2013

Diane Morrison COGGESHALL NL

Candace Cowan 'Candy' COGGINS
The Anchorage, 3 Shelter Cove Lane #7469, Hilton Head, South Carolina 29928-1517 843-290-7557 (Cell) - Data verified by email from Candy 10/29/2012

Donald Wayne COLEMAN NL

Douglas Craig 'Craig' CONLEY NL

Elizabeth Blanche 'Betty' CONLEY (m. BOURIE)
1828 Durham West Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454-3135 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] 'verified' by email from 1964 schoolmate 04/16/2009

Martha Ann CONSOLVO (m. Raymond Earl 'Ray' GRAHAM '64)
Deer Meadow Farm, 10604 Hunter Road, Catlett, Virginia 20119-2437 540-788-7636 - Data verified by email from spouse Ray 07/30/2009

Cheryl Lynn CONSTANT (m. GUESS)
7034 Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk, Virginia 23518-4526 757-588-7122 - Data verified by email from Cheryl 01/18/2010

Arthur Patrick CORLEY NL

9134 Rangely Drive, Houston, Texas 77055-4511 713-973-6672 - Data verified by email from Suzan 09/17/2013

Susan Gale COX NL

Sue Carol CRABTREE (m. JOYCE) NL - Present in Classmates Hardy, Virginia

Samuel Bradley CRAVENS Jr. NL

Patricia Mae CRUM NL

Bonnie Jeanne CRUZ NL

Helen Josephine 'Jodi' CULVER NL - Present in Classmates

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Charles Alexander DARRAH II NL

Fairfax, Virginia - Email [only] verified by Guestbook from Ed 02/28/2010

Hal Sparks DAVIS NL

William Edward DAVIS NL


Daniel Reynolds DENISON NL

Barbara Joan 'Jo' DEVOR (m. Manny WOOD)
1117 Irwin Drive, Hurst, Texas 76053-4228 817-589-0790 - Data verified by email from Jo 09/13/2009; Email bounced 07/13/2014


Gary Dennis DITTMER

Caroline Main DOERFLINGER NL - Present in Classmates

Elizabeth June DONNELLY NL

Gregory Alden DONOVAN NL

Laura Susan DORITY NL


Linda Nancy DUA NL


Robert Lee DUDLEY NL - Email (only) verified by MVGrads 01/23/2008; Email bounced 09/10/2013

Deborah Lee DUEL NL

Penny Ann DUFF NL

Francine Carol DUFOUR (m. JONES) NL - Present in Classmates

Richard Gary 'Gary' DUKE
Paso Robles, California - Email and partial postal [only] verified by email from Gary 04/15/2009; Email bounced 09/12/2009

Kathy DYER (m. Bruce G. RILEY) LE/62
16910 Wild Plum Circle, Morrison, Colorado 80465-2137 303-697-1084 - Data verified by email from Kathy 06/08/2009

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Walter EANES Jr. NL

Frances Elizabeth EATON NL

Karen Loree EDWARDS NL

Rush E. ELKINS NL - Present in Classmates

Anita Louisa ELLIOT (m. STRINE) NL - Present in Classmates Suitland, Maryland

John William EMIG Jr. NL


Roberta Lynn ENGRAM NL - Present in Classmates

David Richard 'Dave' ESTEN - Email [only] verified by MVGrads 09/07/2013

Linda Ann EVANS (m. BANKS) NL - Present in Classmates

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Martin Elmer FALK NL

Donna Jean FARNUM (m. COLE) NL - Present in Classmates Houghton, Michigan

Susan Beryl FEDE NL

Cynthia Alyne FERGUSON NL

George Carl FETKO NL

Elaine Frances FILBY NL

Patricia Anne FINK (m. FRANK)
205 Meeting House Station Square #405, Herndon, Virginia 20170-3768 703-437-4272 - Data verified by email from Patricia 11/04/2009

Cheryl Diane FLETCHER NL

James Eugene FLOWERS NL

Candy Marie FORD NL

Charles Eugene FOWLER NL

Eleanor Theresa FOWLER NL

Marvin James FRANGER Jr. NL - Present in Classmates

Sharon Campbell FRASER NL

Donald Jerome FRAZELLE NL

Elizabeth Ann FRAZIER NL


Polly Ann FRYMIRE (m. WIRTZ)
426 Owl Drive, Louisville, Colorado 80027-2254 303-513-7591 (Cell); PeakView Consulting, Inc. - Data verified by email from Polly 01/16/2010

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Perry Noel GANN

William MUrray GARRETT NL

Thomas Jaynes GARVERICK NL

Donald Edward 'Donn' GARVEY Jr. - Email [only] verified by MVGrads 01/08/2011

Lynn Burtell GATES NL - Present in Classmates Campobello, South Carolina

Ann Davis GENSMER (m. RUSSELL) NL - Present in Classmates

Michael William GENTRY NL

Rudolf Reiner GEORGE NL

Carol Edith GHENT NL

Gene Cornwell GIFFEN NL - Present in Classmates

Grant Emerson GLAUCH - Email [only] verified by email from Grant 11/16/2010

Christine Susan GOADE NL


William Dant GOEPPER NL

Raymond Earl 'Ray' GRAHAM
Deer Meadow Farm, 10604 Hunter Road, Catlett, Virginia 20119-2437 540-788-7636 - Data verified by email from Ray 07/30/2009

**** William Richard GRAHAM DE **** - Deceased 1965? per email from 1964 schoolmate 05/20/2009

Norma Elizabeth GREEN (GILPIN)
9907 Sagedale Drive, Houston, Texas 77089-5012 281-484-1272 - Data verified by RSVP 01/23/2010

Marcia Belle GRIER NL



Alma Judith GROSS NL

Allan Branch GUERRINA
404 Jasmine Key Lane, Chapin, South Carolina 29036 ???-???-???? - Data verified by Guestbook from Allan 02/25/2010


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Susan Terry Nicol HAIGHT (m. KELLY) NL - Present in Classmates Norman, Oklahoma

Steven Wesly HAM
3218 Wallingford Lane, Keswick, Virginia 22947-???? 434-295-7820 - Data verified by email from Steve 02/25/2010; Email bounced 06/12/2011

William Alex HANCOCK NL

Joyce Isabelle HANEY NL

Mark Howard HANLON NL

Harriett Phyllis HANNAH (m. DECHAINE) Email (only) verified by email from Harriett 03/20/2014 and 'verified' by MVGrads 07/13/2014

Donald 'Don' HARRIS NL - Present in Classmates

James William 'Bill' HARRIS IV NL - Present in Classmates

Richard Carter HARRIS NL

Virginia Frances HARRIS NL

Patricia Ann HARTMAN (m. WILKES) NL - Present in Classmates

Barbara Ann HAYES NL

**** James Neill HAYS DE **** - Deceased 05/05/2002 per email from his sister 11/30/2010

Roberta Lee HEAD NL - Present in Classmates Manassas, Virginia

Della Eileen HENRY NL

Diane Mary HERBST NL

Edward William HERL Jr. NL

Christina Dolores HERNANDEZ NL

Lionel Palmer HERNHOLM Jr.
? California ?????-????? ???-???-???? - State 'verified' by 1964 classmate 06/05/2014

Nancy Carol HEWITT NL

Michael James HIGGINS
322 Upper Mill Court, Centreville, Maryland 21617-1773 443-306-5060 - Data verified by RSVP 01/29/2010

Mallory Calhoun HIGHTOWER NL - Present in Classmates

Kent Edward HILL NL

John William HINES Jr. NL

Helen Marie HODGE (m. THOMPSON) NL - Present in Classmates McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania

Judith Gordon 'Judy' HOFFMAN (m. WINNER) NL - Present in Classmates

1007 Vickers Court, Durham, North Carolina 27707-1355 919-682-9663 (Work) - Data verified by email from Hayes 03/24/2016

Kenneth Wayne HOLMES NL

David Earl 'Dave' HOLSEY NL


Evelyn Diane 'Diane' HOLT (m. COOK) NL - Present in Classmates Greensboro, North Carolina

James Richard 'Ric' HOLT NL - Present in Classmates Cocoa, Florida


Thomas Russell HOUSTON NL

Carlton Craig HUDSON - Email [only] verified by email from family member 05/06/2012

Judith Lynn HUDSON NL

Katherine Jeanette HULLENDER NL

Sharon Sue HUNTER NL

Larry William HUOTARI NL

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Karen Marie ISAKSEN NL - Present in Classmates Alexandria, Virginia

Class of 1964 - J | TOP | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | BOTTOM |

Patricia Ann JACKSON NL

Peter William JACKSON NL


Susan Virginia JACKSON NL

Beverly Jane JAENICKE (m. SEINSHELMER) - Email (only) verified by MVGrads 07/01/2013 Charleston, South Carolina


Christine Louise JENSEN NL

Margaret Louise JOHNSON NL

Leon Dibrell JOHNSON IV NL

James Summerfield JOHNSTON NL

Ann Susan 'Susan' JONES (m. SMITH) - 'verified' by MVGrads 06/03/2015 [Huntsville, Alabama]

David Reese JONES IV NL

Margaret Ann 'Maggie' JORDAN (m. POTTER)
9540 Hollyhock Court, Davie, Florida 33328-6756 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] verified by email from Maggie 10/21/2009; possibly now in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Email reverified by email from Maggie 07/28/2014

William Thomas JORDAN NL

Class of 1964 - K | TOP | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | BOTTOM |

Virginia Marie KANDT NL

Michael Charles KARP NL


Darlene KEANE (m. BORAN)
8110 Russell Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22309-1337 703-619-0147 - Data verified by email from Darlene 06/24/2009

Mary Frances KEEL (m. DOOLEY) NL

Bonnie Vourneen KELLEY NL

Louise Pamela KELLY NL

Nancy Jo KEMP NL


Beverley Ann 'Bev' KISTNER (m. HIRZEL)
5423 Ayers Road, Walbridge, Ohio 43465-9670 419-666-9029 - Data verified by RSVP 10/01/2009

Robert Patrick KLINGENBECK - Data verified by MVGrads 12/24/2012

Janis Claire KOBEY NL

Barbara Louise KOCH NL


Ann Philbrick KOFLER NL

Pamela Leslie KOPP NL

Gail Ann KORMAS (m. Keith Harlan LYMAN '63) GL DNE DNI DOR DW - Data Withheld, Dropped On Request, Do Not Email, Do Not Invite, do not display information per request

Manila PI NL

Daniel Robert KUHN NL

Class of 1964 - L | TOP | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | BOTTOM |

Susan Carole LAIRD NL

Paula Gaye LANDES NL

Sheryl Lynn LANEY NL

Thomas William LASATER NL - Present in Classmates


Orion Douglas LAYMAN NL

Bonnie Jean LECKEY NL


Robert Joseph LEWIS NL - Present in Classmates


Wayne Harrington LOGAN NL

Jeffry Mackay LONG NL

Judith Elaine LONG NL

Edward Bennett LOWRY
1808 Meadowbrook Heights Road, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901-3029 ???-???-???? - Data [address only] 'verified' by email from schoolmate 06/15/2009

Robert Fielding LUCAS NL

James Norman LUNSFORD NL

Kenneth James LYONS NL

Class of 1964 - M | TOP | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | BOTTOM |

Kathleen MACK NL

Kenneth Reed Mac NEVIN NL

William James MANN NL

Loma Diane MARSH (m. MIER) NL - Present in Classmates Alexandria, Virginia

John Lowery MASON Jr. NL

Thomas John MAY NL - Present in Classmates San Antonio, Texas

Gregory Scott McBRAYER NL

Susan Angela McCRARY (m. MOORE) NL - Present in Classmates

Douglas Joubert McCREA NL

Byron John McCUTCHEN NL - Present in Classmates Fernandina Beach, Florida

Charlene Marie McDONALD NL

Jacqueline Sue McGUIRE NL

Kathleen Ann McLELLAN NL

Daniel Hugh McLINDEN NL

Suzanne McQUEEN NL

John Joseph MERLI - Email [only] 'verified' by email from 1964 schoolmate 03/05/2009; NL Email bounced 06/03/2015

Frederick Andrew 'Drew' MESSING GL DNE DNI DOR DW - Data Withheld, Dropped On Request, Do Not Email, Do Not Invite, do not display information or otherwise bother this important man per email request 02/16/2002
"Dear Mr. Dockins....I get about 150 E-Mails per day ( most business related )... accordingly I'm finding that your death notices are a little too much....Thanks for keeping up with things, but unless it directly relates to 1964 and happy stuff...I'm really not interested... as I go to Wars for a living. Yours, Major 'Drew' Messing"
[Editor's note - Please respect Mr. Messing's request 02/16/2002 NOT to be notified of any bad news - good news items only, please, and ONLY regarding the Class of 1964]

Larry Dennis METCALFE NL

Vivian Elaine METTS NL

Mary Kathleen MEWSHAW NL

Kathleen MILLER NL


Charles David 'Dave' MITCHELL - Email (only) verified by MVGrads 09/11/2008; Present in Classmates Laurel Springs, North Carolina

Donna Sue MITCHELL (m. DICSON) NL - Present in Classmates Macon, Georgia

Marja Ann MITCHELL (m. MORRIS) NL - Present in Classmates Decatur, Alabama

Carolyn Elizabeth MONTI (m. TURNBULL) NL - Present in Classmates

Jack Sheldon MOODY NL - Present in Classmates Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Sandra Lee MOQUIN (m. SCOTT) NL - Present in Classmates Vero Beach, Florida

Olga Monserrate MORALES NL

**** Nancy Dean MORGAN DE **** - Deceased per email from 1964 schoolmate 05/20/2009

Darlene Kay MORNINGSTAR (m. BURNS) NL - Present in Classmates Phoenix, Arizona

Curtis Lee MORRIS NL

David Charles MORTON NL

Larry Curtis MOUDY NL

James Lawrence MOWERY NL

Katherine Lynne 'Kathy' MULLEN (m. STOWERS)
PO Box 81821, Conyers, Georgia 30013-9425 770-388-7026 - Data verified by email from Kathy 09/26/2009 and 'verified' by MVGrads 06/03/2015

Marsha Leigh MULLEN NL

Quentin Joanice MULLIN NL

Patricia Jean MULLINS NL

Kenneth Richard MUMFORD Jr. NL

Michael Lawrence MURPHY NL

John Patrick MURPHY IV NL

Class of 1964 - N | TOP | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | BOTTOM |

Dudley Ken NANCE NL

Philip Roy 'Phil' NASE
2975 Eppington South Drive Fort Mill South Carolina 29708-6949 803-547-5575 - Data verified by email from donation notification 07/10/2009; Present in Classmates; possibly now in Alexandria, Virginia

Thomas Francis NEDOROLIK NL

Carl Bernard NELSON Jr.
1363 Massachusetts Avenue SE, Washington, District of Columbia 20003-1540 202-281-4356 - Data verified by email from Carl 04/14/2011

Margaret Lee NICELY NL

Carolyn May NICHOLSON (m. MEEKS) NL - Present in Classmates Woodbridge, Virginia

Michael Anthony NICHOLSON NL

Berbard Junior NIVEN NL

Rachelle Bernice NORMAN (m. FETH) NL - Present in Classmates

Carolyn Annette NORRIS NL

Kathyleen Darden NORTH NL

John Edwin NORTH Jr. NL

Joseph Clyde NORTHEN NL

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**** Harvie Camille OGLE m. Randy YORKEY DE 1980) DE **** - Deceased 06/13/20?? - Data 'verified' by email from 1964 schoolmate 09/12/2009
Camille Ogle Yorkey, educator,theologian, author and spiritual counselor died on Sunday June 13th in Chapel Hill, NC. She was 64. Her death, at home-hospice, was due to complicationsfollowing a bone marrow transplant in January of this year, the culmination of a 10-year battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A native of San Francisco, Dr.Yorkey graduated from Greensboro College in 1968, before becoming a public school teacher and later the director of the Durham Mental Health Association. Sheearned a master of divinity degree from Duke University in 1985 and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Greensboro College in 2007. In aministry career covering two decades, Dr. Yorkey was one of the first clergywomen ever to be ordained by the North Carolina United Methodist Church. She firstserved as Associate Pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Goldsboro, NC, and was the founding pastor of Seaside UMC in Sunset Beach; Harbor UMC inWilmington; and, Mighty Wind UMC in Nags Head. Prior to taking disability leave, she served as the senior pastor of Benson Memorial UMC in Raleigh, NC. One ofthe most significant and meaningful ministry settings for Dr. Yorkey was Ground Zero in NYC, following the 9/11 attacks. She counseled countless numbers ofworkers and volunteers affected by the tragedy and subsequently published a book about those experiences entitled, “A Voice in the Wilderness”. Dr. Yorkey’sfirst marriage to Randy Yorkey ended with his death in an auto accident in 1980. Dr. Yorkey is survived by a son and a daughter, Rachel and Tyson of Raleigh;her brother Jim Ogle of Boise, Idaho; her mother, Harvie Ogle, and Rod Cartier of Wilmington. Memorial services will be held at Benson Memorial UnitedMethodist Church in Raleigh on Tuhursday, June 17th. Visitation begins at 12 Noon followed by services at 2:00pm. A second service will be held at Grace Churchin Wilmington, on Friday, June 18th with visitation beginning at 1:00pm, followed by the service at 3:00pm. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to oneor both of Camille’s favorite charities: The Randall F. Yorkey Endowment at Duke University PO Box 90850 Durham, NC 27708 -or- United Methodist Committee onRelief (UMCOR) PO Box 9068 New York, NY 10087

James Lawrence OHL NL

Joan Franklin OLSEN NL

Janis Eileen O'NEAL (m. HOLCOMBE) NL - Present in Classmates College Sation, Texas

Helen Martin ORTH NL

Robert Thomas OSBOURNE NL

William Frank OSWALD NL

Sharon Frances OVITT NL

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William Richard 'Bill' PACKARD
Box 11, Lincoln, Virginia 20160-0011 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] 'verified' by email 08/08/2009

Deloris Lee 'Dee' PADGETT - Email (only) verified by MVGrads 09/10/2008; Present in Classmates Ocala, Florida

William Ealie 'Bill' PADGETT Jr.
1112 Goldmine Road, Readsboro, Vermont 05350-9529 802-780-7563 - Data verified by email from Bill 08/17/2012

William Joseph PAGNELLA
10610 Cannonview Court, Fort Washington, Maryland 20744-7218 703-624-8874 - Data verified by RSVP 12/18/2009; email bounced 10/13/2016

Roger Lawrence PAIGE NL

Margaret Ann PALMER NL

Cheryl MacDonald PARKIN NL

Dorothy Clow PARTON NL

Marsha Beth 'Beth' PELLEY - Email [only] 'verified' by MVGrads 10/14/2008

Betty Lynn PERRIN NL

Carolyn Ann PETITT (m. Edward Bennett LOWRY '64)
1808 Meadowbrook Heights Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901-3029 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] 'verified' by email from schoolmate 06/15/2009

Sandra Lee PHELPS NL

Margaret Jane PHILLIPS NL

Garland Phillip 'Phil' POOLE Jr. NL - Present in Classmates

Dorothy Lee PRICE NL

James Douglas PRICE Jr. NL

Lee Gregory PRICE NL


Patricia Ann PUGH NL

Donald Wayne 'Don' PURCELL
216 Pebble Brook Road, Columbia, South Carolina 29223-3115 803-736-0628 - Data verified by Guestbook 09/11/2009

Patricia Ann PUTNAM NL

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Dolores 'Dee' RAINEY (m. THOMAS) NL

Heather Mary RANSOM NL


Barbara Jean RAY (m. BERNING) NL - Present in Classmates

Frances Elizabeth READ NL

**** David READYHOUGH DE **** - Deceased
Site Guy, I found the following obit for David Readyhough of the MVHS class of 64 in the Washington Post for August 23, 2004. You have him listed as David Readyough. The correct spelling is Readyhough per my 1964 yearbook. David Readyhough Fairfax Principal David Readyhough, 58, a retired principal with Fairfax County Public Schools, died of complications from multiple myeloma Aug. 12 at Inova Fairfax Hospital. A Springfield resident, Mr. Readyhough was born in North Adams, Mass. He graduated from Mount Vernon High School in Alexandria and received a bachelor's degree from George Mason University and a master's degree in 1972 from the University of Virginia. Mr. Readyhough started his 30-year career as an educator teaching in Gloucester, Va. He moved to Northern Virginia in 1971 and began his 28-year career with Fairfax schools, working as a teacher at Fort Hunt Elementary and White Oaks Elementary, an assistant principal at Cardinal Forest Elementary and principal at Stratford Landing Elementary and Bush Hill Elementary. He retired in 1999. His marriage to Pam McClelland ended in divorce. Survivors include his wife of seven years, Shirley Readyhough of Springfield; four children from his first marriage, David A. Readyhough of Santa Fe, N.M., Jen Fallert of Alexandria, Eric Readyhough of Leonardtown and Ted Readyhough of Phoenix; four stepchildren, Kimberly Burnell of Manassas, Bonnie Rose of Rome, Jennifer Heiserman of Easton, Pa., and Joshua Rose of Centreville; a brother; two sisters; and 14 grandchildren.

Virginia Ann RESCH NL

Karen Lee REYNERTSON (m. FLOYD) NL - Present in Classmates

Janet Kathleen 'Jan' RICHARDSON (m. LeVINER)
1012 Debbie Street, Savannah, Georgia 31410-1806 (W)912-629-1470 - Data verified by email from Jan 01/27/2010

Linda Seablom RIKER NL

3506 Groveton Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22306-1522 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] verified by email from Nancy 05/02/2009

Oliver Leroy ROBBINS Jr. NL


802 Holly Drive East Annapolis, Maryland 21409-5518 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] verified by email from Pam 04/21/2010

George Mann ROPER III WS - Email [only] 'verified' by MVGrads 01/10/2010; Present in Classmates Alexandria, Virginia


Frederick Warren ROSENTHAL NL

David Hart ROTHMAN - Email [only] 'verified' by 1964 schoolmate 01/24/2010

Donald Lynn 'Don' ROUNSLEY NL - Present in Classmates

Richard Gerow 'Rick' ROWELL NL - Present in Classmates

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James Debray 'Jim' SADDLER NL - Present in Classmates Lake Placid, Florida

Sharon Suzanne 'Sherry' SAMS NL - Present in Classmates Round Rock, Texas

Grace Victory SAN LUIS (m. HURLBURT) NL - Present in Classmates Springfield, Virginia

Stanley Wayne SANDS NL - Present in Classmates Lake Worth, Florida

Albert White 'Butch' SATTERWHITE Jr.


John Braidwood SAVAGE III NL

Beverly Ann SCHLIE NL

Larry S. SCHROEDER LE/63 - Present in Classmates. Email [only] verified by email from Larry 05/21/2017


Barbara Lee SCOTT NL

Susan Marie SCURICH NL

Kathleen Susan SEWELL NL

Anita Eileen SEXTON NL

Phyllis Jean SEYMOUR NL

John Wayne SHAFER NL

Clifford Dale SHAW NL

Gloria Sue SHAW NL


George Cody SHEFLETT
1312 Grant Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170-3009 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] verified by email from George 10/17/2009


Mary Katherine SHIPMAN NL


Phillip Lee SIMPSON NL

**** Andrew 'Andy' SIVAK Jr. (m. Patricia Ann 'Patsy' WARD '64) DE **** - Deceased 10/05/2009 per Guestbook from Patsy 09/12/2012

Joseph Michael 'Joe' SLYE

Beverly 'Bev' SMITH (m. James ARNOLD) - Data 'verified' by MVGrads 08/11/2015 [Locust Grove, Virginia]

??? OR - Present in Classmates

Jean Stanley SMITH NL

Kenneth Lee SMITH NL

Kermit Cowles SMITH NL

William Franklin SMITH NL

William Arthur SMOKE NL

Jerry Glenn SNYDER NL

Francis Michael 'Frank' SOMERVILLE
4510 Lightkeepers Way #33-D, Little River, South Carolina 843-281-9760 29566-6921 - Data verified by email from Frank 12/08/2010


Virginia Ann STEIN NL

Robert Lloyd STEVENS NL

Cameron Ridley STEWART NL

Peter Jeremy 'Jere' STEWART NL - Email bounced 10/18/2016

Richard Frank STEWART NL

Thomas Earl STIREWALT Jr. NL


Bonnie Ardith STRATTON NL

Margaret Lee 'Margo' STRICKLER (m. DAVIS) NL - Present in Classmates

Patricia Jean SULLIVAN NL

Wesley Earl 'Wes' SULLIVAN
13 Marion Cres, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, CANADA Y1A5S4 867-633-6822


William Edward SWAN NL

Harry William 'Bill' SWARTZ Jr. NL - Present in Classmates Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mary Katherine SWEARINGEN (m. BLAIR)
4604 Old Mill Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22309-3915 703-360-1353 - Data verified by RSVP 12/18/2009

Shirley Jean SWITZER (m. COLLINS) NL - Present in Classmates

Karen Louise SWITZLER NL

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Tracy Patricia TALLON NL - Present in Classmates Fairfax, Virginia

James Buckley TAPP Jr. NL


Terry Wayne THOMAS NL


Susan Caperton THOMPSON (m. HOLBROOK) NL - Present in Classmates

Robert Richard 'Bob' THONEN NL - Present in Classmates Fortville, Indiana

Carol Lynn TOBIAS NL

Patricia Ann TOMLIN (m. GEORGE) NL - Present in Classmates Sacramento, California

Frances Eileen THOMPKINS NL - Prresent in Classmates Fairfax Station, Virginia

Sarah Monroe TREXLER NL

Karin Brigitte TRINGALI (m. SANDIFER) NL - Present in Classmates Mooresville, North Carolina

Mac Van TRUSLOW - Data verified by MVGrads 01/16/2013

Nancy Meredith TUCKER NL - Present in Classmates Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jeannie Louise TURNER NL

Margaret Emili Alta TUTTLE NL

Martha Ann TYLER NL

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James Jackson 'Jim' URICK
24 Kimmer Court, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406-7242 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] verified by email from spouse Sandy Kay Berry '64 01/18/2010

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Jonathan Peter 'Pete' VANCE NL - Present in Classmates Staunton, Virginia

Robert Dale VANCE NL


Robert August VOGT Jr. NL - Present in Classmates

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F. William WAGLE II NL

Jean Kay WAGNER (m. MOULIN)NL - Present in Classmates

Robert John WAGNER NL

Patricia Ann 'Patsy' WARD (m. Andrew 'Andy' SIVAK '64)
70 Orange Blossom Court, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405-???? ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] verified per Guestbook from Patsy 09/12/2012

David Lee WARNER NL - Present in Classmates

**** Ginger Kathryn WATTS (m. Gene STRATTON) DE **** - Deceased 06/09/2009 per email from 1964 schoolmate 06/11/2009

Stephen Lynn WATTS NL - Present in Classmates

William Jack WEAVER III NL

Christine Marie WERTZBERGER (m. KNECHT) NL - Present in Classmates

Alan Michael WESTON NL

Richard Hammond WHITE NL - Present in Classmates

Terry Lee WHITE NL

Leonard Robert WHITECAR NL - Present in Classmates

Richard Alan 'Dick' WHITELEY NL - Present in Classmates

Katherine Floyd 'Kitty' WHITSON (m. FRECH) NL - Present in Classmates

Charlie Martin WILBOUNE NL [Female!]




Kathleen McKell WILLIAMSON NL; BUT, works at UCLA - Data verified by MVGrads 11/29/2013; Present in Classmates

Susan Ann WILSON NL - Present in Classmates Columbia, South Carolina

Terry Lee WILSON NL - Present in Classmates Champaign, Illinois

Lynne Lee WOLFFER (m. REVIS)
2206 Siver Sage Drive, Houston, Texas 77077-6131 ???-???-???? - Data [except telephone] verified via email from Lynne 06/05/2014

Shaula Jean WOODALL NL

Myron Hansborough WRIGHT NL

Sharon Leigh WRIGHT NL

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**** Nicholas Bernard 'Nick' YURCHIK DE **** - Deceased 08/02/2015 per email from 1964 schoolmate 09/02/2015
Obituary link -

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Patricia Gene ZIEGFELD NL

**** We have found 75 of 456 putatively living 1964 'trackers' as of the last page update [10 known deceased from a class of 466] ****

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