Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 - Photographs for the Class of 1957
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Our 'Rogue's Gallery' of pictures contributed by our classmates.
See below for instructions about placing your photo / drawing / masterpiece / scribble / whatever on this page.
PLEASE feel free to contribute an item of your choice; don't just leave us here all alone.
Editor's notes:

1. We are in the (rather long) process of scanning in various photos from our 'loaner' Surveyor yearbooks.
Check back from time to time to view our recent additions. We apologize that some photos are super-imposed with
signatues and remembrances written in our yearbook by classmates - photos scanned from the only yearbook at hand!

2. These pages are NOT constructed along the pattern of a regular Surveyor yearbook.
In a yearbook, the photos are organized by class year, starting with this years' seniors, followed by the juniors that year (next years' seniors, and so on).
As an example, if you are looking at a specific yearbook of yourself as a senior, and you want to see what you looked like as a junior,
you need to have a copy of the previous years' yearbook to view yourself there.
On this page, seniors in a specifc year are followed by the same classmates as they were the previous year as juniors, and so on.
A yearbook contains a photos of all class years; this web page contains snaphots of the same trackers as they were through their entire high school career.
This method is in keeping with the general organization of our '19nn Track' pages, which are also organized by tracking year.

3. While we have been sent several 'loaner' Surveyors from 1956-1961 from which to scan,
we still need 1955 and 1962-1965, If you could, SEND YOURS to me! - I'll process it and return it ASAP. - Thanks, DWD
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1957 Surveyor Yearbook Classmate Photo Pages

Class of 1957 - SENIOR Alumni pages from the 1957 Surveyor
Class of 1957 - JUNIOR Alumni pages from the 1956 Surveyor
Class of 1957 - SOPHOMORE Alumni pages from the 1955 Surveyor
In Process...
Class of 1957 - FRESHMAN Alumni pages from the 1954 Surveyor
In Process...
50th Reunion Photos - Saturday, June 12, 2010 ... we're getting there...
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Basic Instructions

If you have a photo, you can either mail it to me, Darryl W. Dockins, at 132 Tortuga Lane, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082-1268
or, if you are able to scan it in to your computer, you can email it (as an attachment) to me, the Site Guy

I can accept both .gif and .jpeg (preferred) file formats.

We always want to start out with the maximum amount of photographic detail, so...,

1. If you smail me a photo, please send me the LARGEST copy that you have. That way, I can scale it down at my end through my scanner and wind up with a small photo file that still preserves the maximum amount of quality detail. I absolively, positutely promise to send your mailed item (post-processing) back to you if you like; or I could just file it away and return it to you at next reunion time, your choice.

2. If you use a scanner to save your photo to a file to be used as an attachment to an email, for the same reasons, please try to keep the size of the original picture that is scanned as large as possible. You MAY have to lower the scan resolution bpi (bits per inch) so that a large photo isn't so big it won't even email. This starts the process out with the maximum amount of quality detail, but limits the scanned file size to something reasonable. Try to save the resultant picture in a .jpg format; it will be a smaller file and will email much faster. Please, no gigunda PC bitmapped monstrosities; my precious iMac (I LOVE my Mac!) simply can't deal with that weird bloated PC gunk.

Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria Virginia, Class of 1960 - Photographs for the Class of 1957
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